About FEAST at Round Hill — Wedding Venue and Caterer

About FEAST at Round Hill • Wedding Venue and Caterer

Our goal is to help you realize your unique and personal vision for your wedding day.

We cater only one wedding a day at Round Hill so that you are never on the heels of another event. You can begin at whatever time you choose—you have our undivided attention for the day.

Menus are flexible. We incorporate styles, tastes and cuisines from your own background, culture and heritage.

When you choose FEAST, our event specialists guide you through the entire wedding planning process—from the first day through the final detail. You are given the opportunity to attend one of the several dozen tastings held throughout the year so you will know what to expect on the day of your event.

The FEAST at Round Hill Team

FEAST at Round Hill Staff 2019

Peter Kupersmith

In charge of business operations, Peter is FEAST’s “stage manager.” He keeps the logistic wheels turning smoothly, organizing, arranging, and supervising.

Patrick S. Ruisi

Born in France, classically trained in France and Italy, Patrick has owned and operated several restaurants in Manhattan and upstate New York. FEAST’s resident “artiste.”

Kim Schlett

Gets all the puzzle pieces to fit. When there’s something tough that needs solving, we call on Kim, as our chief troubleshooter and “shrink.”

Shelley Sakellariou

Our “stagehand”, she assists in the arranging, organizing and preparation of events and handles administrative tasks to ensure smooth business operations.

Ellen Calandra

The Guiding Light.

Ellen Dooley

Bold and Beautiful.

Rose Bohr

Keeps Your World Turning.

Gigi Kennedy

Helps your Search for Tomorrow

Christine Pagliaro

Brings you to Another World.

Tyler Epidy

Love of Life.

Tom Schlett