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Kelley and Tom’s September Garden Wedding

Kelley and Tom's September Garden Wedding (Alicia Martire Photography)
Kelley and Tom's September Garden Wedding (Alicia Martire Photography)

This couple traveled from North Carolina to have their September garden wedding in the Hudson Valley! It was worth the trip—fall in the Hudson Valley is a magical time!

Their Story

“Yes, it started at a bar. TJ Finley’s in Bay Shore, the watering hole for wandering post-graduates looking for something more satiating than a Keystone Light in a solo cup. Something like love? No, that doesn’t happen at TJs on a Friday night.

Not until Leo met Virgo.

It was a late September night when our paths crossed. The conversation started with a test. “What’s your sign?” No, it wasn’t a cheesy pick-up line by Tom, it was a genuine concern of Kelley’s. “Virgo.” Okay, let’s talk.

And so began a conversation that would lead to eight humorous, fun, love-filled years. From New York to North Carolina with countless adventures in between, it ended with Tom (finally) on one knee in a small Louisiana hotel room.

Tom taught Kelley the importance of Eli Manning to a team, a city, and a relationship while Kelley’s obsession with Game of Thrones had Tom outwardly wondering if we would have anything to talk about once the series was over. Thankfully, the latest book is 4 years overdo and the final book will probably not be published before George R.R. Martin dies, so we’ll have plenty to talk about until death do us part.

Truly though, we have learned and gained so much from each other in this long and forever-onward adventure together. Our love is about joy, togetherness, humor, compromise and support. Eight years and those feelings just keep getting bigger.”

From the Couple

“I don’t even know where to start—I just want to gush. My husband and I just got married here last week. We were planning from North Carolina, and started the process of venue hunting knowing we wanted something all inclusive but also something with personality and outside the oversized hall norm. We struggled to find something like that in our price range. Most places charged steep site fees and required a lot of off-site organization. Then we found FEAST. We had our family visit the venue, and ended up booking blind. We were really pleased when we finally got up for a tasting and saw the site. They were all so wonderful and helpful during the planning process. They accommodated for special food requests from family and made sure to prep special meals for those with allergies or limitations. The week before the wedding I was contacted by our amazing Maitre d’, Rose. I felt like I was talking to family when we first chatted, and felt that way all day with her. She knows exactly what she’s doing and set everything up exactly as requested—and those things we left up to her she found the perfect place for. We got married on a Sunday so there was a tasting going on in the morning—she made sure to send up special trays of food for us, along with the provided coffee and mimosas. After the ceremony, she made sure to sweep my husband and I upstairs quickly to ensure we had 10-15 minutes together to eat a little and drink and take in the moment. They bustled my dress like pros and got us downstairs when we were ready. The food was AMAZING. Our guests couldn’t stop complimenting the service, space, and food all the following day. I got the Tandoori Chicken dish which was beautifully plated and so tasty. They also made sure we got to try all 3 dishes, despite our orders, which was wonderful. My husband and I didn’t have time to try the stations, but guests raved about the China Town Station and Comfort Station, and we were delighted to have a few containers of leftover Paella from that station to try when we got home. I could honestly go on forever. From the relaxed morning with my girlfriends in the house and garden, to the beautiful ceremony under the tree, to the photos in the garden and sunset on the hill, to the dancing and partying—it was all perfect. The hotel lobby the next morning was buzzing with “best wedding ever” vibes and compliments up the wazoo. If you’re up in the air, choose FEAST.”


And now on to the photos. But first… Kelley and Tom’s first look!

Kelley and Tom's First Look
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Kelley and Tom's Wedding
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